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About Us

Our product

We are a leading full service provider in the business of Digital Signage with solutions and services based on a proprietary scalable software platform. We are addressing an international customer base within retail, public environments and workplace communication. Our solutions deliver increased footfall and conversion rates within retail, wayfinding and news service in public spaces as well as increased loyalty and engagement in workplace environments.

Our revenue model

We operate a business model consisting of project, consulting and SaaS revenues. Our customer agreements are at least three years long and we take pride in a low customer churn rate. Our recurring revenues are constantly on the rise and correspond to 33% of net sales.


Our solutions are based on four key criteria

  • We have in-depth customer insight and create value adding digital communication concepts
  • We offer an “easy to work with” content management system (CMS) that can be scaled according to customer needs. We generate automated as well as tailor-made contents which is distributed via the cloud to a disperse installation base.
  • We are experts in delivering connectivity to our customers’ digital eco system creating a seamless Digital Signage experience via standardized API’s.
  • We take pride in flawless 24/7 customer support with first line, second line and third line global support processes.

Our market

ZetaDisplay operates in a growth market with annual double-digit growth rates. Driving factors are:

  • Digitalization at the point-of-decision in retail, public and workplace environments
  • Low penetration rates in major international markets and customer segments
  • Increased maturity among the customer base favouring Digital Signage suppliers with international footprints to handle complex assignments.

Our strategy

ZetaDisplay is the leading player in the Nordics and holds a number two position in Europe. We have the financial headroom to drive the consolidation of our market both through organic growth and further acquisitions. We have an integrated organizational model enabling us to smoothly integrate incoming companies and management.

Our culture

The company is driven by a strong entrepreneurial “can do”-attitude and culture. A decentralized organization supports local market activities while capturing synergies through common software platforms and processes.