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ZetaDisplay’s nominating committee appointed

Nominating committee before the annual meeting 2019

Before ZetaDisplay AB’s annual meeting on 21st May 2019, the company’s nominating committee consists of Andreas Morfiadakis, chairman appointed by Mats Johansson; Anders Pettersson appointed by associated company; Alexander Ehrnrooth appointed by Virala Oy; Jan Särlvik appointed by Nordea Fund Oy; and chairman of the board, Mats Johansson, as the convenor.

The nominating committee shall give proposals for chairman of the annual meeting, chairman of the board, members of the board, auditor, fees to board and auditor, including any compensation for committee work, and principles for the composition of the nominating committee. Shareholders wishing to make suggestions to the nominating committee may write to, or to ZetaDisplay AB, Valberedningen, Höjdrodergatan 21, 212 39 Malmö.

The proposals of the nominating committee will be made public before the annual meeting.