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Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives

The Board of Directors proposed guidelines for remuneration to senior executives of ZetaDisplay that was approved on Annual General Meeting 2020. These guidelines should be applied until the need for material changes. The guidelines will not be applied longer than Annual General Meeting 2024.  

The guidelines cover salary and other remuneration to the Managing Director and those who report directly to him in  ZetaDisplay. Board members are covered in some cases by these guidelines. The guidelines shall apply to remuneration agreed upon, and changes made to already agreed remuneration, after the guidelines have been adopted by the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

The guidelines govern the decisions on remuneration made by the Board of Directors or the Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors in respect of  senior executives. The guidelines do not cover remuneration decided by the Annual General Meeting, such as  till exempel share-related  incentive programs  or  fees to board members.   Any remuneration to ZetaDisplay's board members elected by the AGM shall in special cases be payable for services within their respective areas of competence, which do not constitute board work. For such services, market remuneration may be paid provided that the current service contributes to the implementation of ZetaDisplay's business strategy and to ZetaDisplay's long-term interests, including its sustainability. Such possible remuneration to a board member is covered by these guidelines.

For full guidelines (in Swedish) for renumeration to senior executives see